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Dear Parents, Thank you for choosing sheetaa children school for your child. our school is committed to give its pupils a solid foundation in a nurturing environment, one that will allow their natural gifts to unfold and make learning a pleasurable experieence. it will be our privilege to make your child's transition to our smooth and enjoyable and we look forward to enriching your child's learrning years with fun and interactive education. our school follows an open-door policy and we like to interact regularly with parents during parent-teacher meetings, i would like to personally meet you if you have any queries regarding the development of your child. our school aims to develop a good sense of discipline and moral values within the ever-changing social norms of society. children these days are much more sensitive' they possess very high self-esteem and believe in independent thinking. therefore, we ensure that the aproach to motivating and getting the best out of children is based on the positive reinforcement of good work and good behavior. Our educational philosophy is centered on raise, encouragement, enthusias,, and affection, rather that criticism, fear, and punishment. we constantly work to develop a sense of discipline and good moral character, where all students are expected to conform to high desciplinay standards and to develop values to tolerance, fair play, compassion, integrity, and fortitude.